Out of sight


When it was even 5 o’clock, the sun disappeared out of sight from the sky.

Sunset time was so early. Few people were walking along the street. Gusty winds were blowing through. Moreover, slight shower added in the extraordinary atmosphere. These were the sights of the evening.

There is an saying that “Out of sight, out of mind”. What do you think? Do you agree, disagree, or have no idea? It’s somewhat tricky because even though sight is not reliable sense, it is largely reigning our mind. I cannot easily decide the question.

If it’s true, how about “Into sight, into mind?” Rubbish, uh? But it’s not simple hastly to decide-

Friday [REGULAR] -Sleeping 7hr + Routine 1hr + Meal 1hr -Meditation 40min=Galatians, I could read Paul’s deep loyalty towards the Gospel. -Prayer 20min -Study 3hr=Lecture 2hr, Graphics 1hr -Internet 4hr=Java, BBC news, Cyworld, and wreckord [IRREGULAR] -Felicia’s Invitation 3hr -Joaquin’s house 1hr [NEEDLESS] -Worry 20min=Problem in English speaking. It’s not easy -Unnecessary time in the Morning bed 1hr