Christ Church of Virginia Water


Holy sunday, it was thankful and graceful because I got in touch with Jackie from Hongkong. Jackie delivered me to Christ Church of Virginia Water. The church is far away from my school so that we should ride a mini-bus fully. There were lots of white persons, kids and adults in the church, but sadly a few of young persons except international students.

The vicar, Stephen, was an faithful and kind man enough to say hello to every new person, and his sermon was easy to grasp and apprehensible for foreigners. The student pastor, Paul James, was a tall and kind young man as well, so as far as I saw today, I can be easily accustomed to the new church.

The starting songs were

Dear Heavenly Father Thank you for your incessant grace. When you open your hand, we are fully contented with good things. You know every man, every circumstance which we belong to, every future of our life. This world is Yours and You’re so mighty and so strong. We thank Thee, O Father, for all things bright and good again and again. May Thee be praised and worshiped by all of people on earth and heaven. In Jesus