Such a rude behavior! I cannot understand the attitude of some guys toward Prof.Yeo on today’s algorithm lecture. They were so untidy and intemperate that I was very sorry although I didn’t commit any mistakes.

Mobile phone ringed, everyone chatted, and notebooks were hastly closed even if the lecture finished.

It was more likely than the behavior of impoliteness. I’m certain that it was rather a impertinent way of taking lectures. Korean students are farrrrr- better in that point.

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누리 :) 2005.10.05 22:44: Reading your diary, I felt that I have to investigate behaviors of contemporary American Students fairly impatial before my leaving -_-.. So, how’s your life in RHUL? You’re still in prisoner style? pil.han@gmail.com 2005.10.06 02:24: 어떻게 알았어!!!