We shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ. (Roman 14:10)



On cloudy Friday, with slight exhilaration of mind, I finally reached the place which I really aspire to. In Bedford library 2nd floor, I found the location of the theology. There’re tons of books concerning the history of Church, the Trinity, the great Fathers, and the stories of Christianity thinkers. Above everything, the English Sermon V.III 1750-1850 sparkly caught my eyes up. It included series of sermons, which was spoken by great and respectful preachers such as John Wesly, Nicholas Wiseman, John Henry Newman and so on, in all over the England, especially in mid-18th to mid-19th.

First and foremost, the distinguished preachers are distinguished from the word-usage. Neat and classical, colloquial and formal, analytical and easy-going. Ah, how discerning and wonderful.

In ‘the Great Assize’ sermon, which was preached in St Paul’s Church, Bedford(same as library’s