We invited Italian friends to my Flat. Italians are so friendly and kind that we, KU students, easily felt comfort. Because they brought us delicious Italian food stuffs, we really enjoyed the dinner of variety!

All of them like to sing a song and to cook tasty foods!! Moreover, Italians have some special greeting, hugging and kissing to another’s cheeks of each sides. Since I have ever got that expression of greeting and good-bye, I was embarrased little >_<

Anyway- it was a fantabulous time for us.

Members- Wonku, Jun, In, Pil, Lim -KOR Alvita, Silvia, Lisa, Domi, Livia -IT

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as8tguy 2005.10.27 01:16: Is this a italian folk song ? I’m so relieved that you are fine! 2005.10.27 07:39: Probably…brand-new song??? as8tguy 2005.10.28 10:40: yangnyun… a->an ㅡㅡ;