i. From today, UK ends the summer time for saving day light. Many of students, especially foreigners, in here didn’t know the fact that time system had shifted. So frequently they went some places earlier than the new time or got up earlier. What’s the difference between those who realised and those who didn’t? Time exists itself but the attitude towards it and the result are quite different.

ii. People might set the time system but they cannot modify the aspect of direction flowing rapidly toward the death. But poor world goes to wickedness and turpitude as they live for ever-

iii. Benjamin Frankly said, “Time is money” Plain. Simple. Clear. Lucid. But how profound- Time is money! But are you spending your time like money?

iv. The Times, the influential media in UK, issued ‘top 200 universities’. Students who attend the universities enlisted should seriously reconsider the qualification as a appropriate student in such ranked school. There are too many people who don’t have proper ability and thought. They set their minds to foolishness of this worldly things and live in the view of secular society. It’s damn shame-