Everything has its own rhythm. The pattern of sounds, the process of tasks, the tune of musics, and the routine of a person.

Particularly, the daily routine of mine has so fragile rhythm that it is easily changed between good and evil.

But it is my personal responsibility how to handle and manage my day wisely. I should strive to overcome rhythm of mine for greater aim. Nobody can modify it except me!

William Wilberforce, the most respectful figure, also fought himself for internalising good habit and daily routine. He devoted his two hours of the morning to pray and contemplate of God’s word, which was only one driving force of him. At last, he acquired the ABOLITION of SLAVERY in Britain. Eventually, the Wilberforce’s relentless pursuit for greater aim (not LEXUS Ad.) granted every slave freedom.

He was truly hero for humanity. It’s because he got the righteous rhythm.