Brinkmanship is a method of behaviour, especially in politics, in which you deliberately get into dangerous situations which could result in disaster but which could also bring success. [Colins Cobuild ALED]

Human beings sometimes have to go for a brink. Now might be the time to have a brinkmanship in completing the plan of 2005. I should have strived more to accomplsh it, but due to indolence and laziness the resuld has been insufficient.

Historically, the famous brinkmanship was Paul’s trip to Rome. He became intentionally a captive and delivered to Rome, but his decision absolutely changed the whole world. By the wise Brinkmanship, eventually, Paul had accomplished the great thing that would last forever all over the world. I have no idea his decision was based on obvious calling of God.

But yet, From Paul’s instance, I found the important thing on succeeding in brinkmanship: he did not think about the defeat. That’s the grave essence of Paul’s brinkmanship.

“He who does not hope to win has already lost”