My wickedness.


My wickedness.

Deluge, the overwhelming flood, of lewdness has suddenly and usually visited my mind and stirred it up violently.. I should’ve trust the triumph of grace, but how weak and frail the human being’s will-!

When I look into my heart, and take my wickedness, I often confront myself acting as sanctimounious and pretentious sluggard. How terrible.. How awful..

While I was in lack of faith, another wicked crimes were happened on the opposite side of the world- Are they irrelevant each other or not? I’m so sad.

I confess You my total depravity. You know me more than me and You know the aftermath of my behaviour-! Please let me focus on grace and let me be convinced that the triumph of grace is predestined by Your blood.

Thursday [REGULAR] -Sleeping 8hr 30min + Nap 1hr + Routine 1hr + Meal 30min + Dinner in CC 1hr -Meditation 30hr=Galatians -Prayer 30min -Study 6hr=Lecture 4hr, GRE 1hr and Algorithm 1hr -Internet 1hr=Finding articles, Mailcheck, and Cyworld [IRREGULAR] -Communion in Christianity Explored 2hr=Grace [NEEDLESS] -Time in lewdness 1hr=Shame on me. Pray for me..