the City of God



[15 Nov 2005] the City of God

Augustine said in the City of God which was written in the early 5th century that human history could be regarded as being a conflict between the City of God and the City of Man. (Eventually, a conflict that is predestined to end in victory for the City of God)

The City of God is marked by people who forego earthly pleasure and dedicate their lives to the promotion of Christian values. The City of Man, on the other hand, consists of people who have strayed from the City of God. The two cities are not meant to represent any actual places or organisations, though Augustine clearly thought that the Christian Church was at the heart of the City of God. (this passage is from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Alright. However, the movie that I watched today was a total metaphor of the City of Man, not suitable for its own title, “the City of God” How horrible the movie was! The City of God in the movie refers to the slum of San Paulo, the Capital of Brazil. Although there were the official forces and legislations, they had no substantial power upon the hoodlums, seperated by two parts-

I saw the men who ware killed by and killed the his foes and friends. How fearful if people would cower because of the anxiety and unease from being threaten by friends.

What does the movie ‘the City of God’ suggest us? It may be the sarcasm from the deep eagerness and longing towards revelation of the real City of God which is fulled by all joy and peace…

Anyway-it was really dreadful..

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