I couldn’t concentrate on my study recently. I think that the most dominant reason was the late wake-up. The initial condition of a day really matters for me.

It’s 10:48PM. I’m going to bed right now-

Tuesday [REGULAR] -Sleeping 8hr + Routine 1hr + Meal 2hr -Meditation 40min=Galatians-Children of promise -Prayer 20min -Study 7hr=Lecture 2hr, GRE 5hr -Internet 2hr=Collecting data, Mailcheck, and Cyworld [IRREGULAR] -Weight training 30min=in gym -Inquiry for Bankaccount 30min [NEEDLESS] -Daydreaming and worrying for future 1hr

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. 2005.11.17 18:00: 잘 할수있을거에요. 너무 걱정하지말구요.힘! 2005.11.18 08:24: 힘은 냈으되 머리가 문제로고