Harshly Cold Day



It was so chilly! Even frost on the grass welcomed my going out. However, for the purpose of guaranteeing my early wakeup I shall not screen my window with a curtain. I cannot trust myself especially in the morning-

But you know what!? Today I was very delighted and pleased-!! HA HA briliant. I’m so grateful for being alive.

Friday [REGULAR] -Sleeping 6hr + Routine 1hr + Meal 1.5hr -Meditation 40=Galatians/the fruits of the Spirit -Prayer 30min=to be cinvinced of the triumph of faith -Study 9hr=Lecture 2hr, GRE 5.5hr and Java programming 1.5hr -Reading 30min=God’s big picture/Chap.2 -Internet 1.5hr=Mailcheck, and Cyworld -BBC 10 news 50min [IRREGULAR] -Weight Training 40min=in gym -Telephone 20min=with Paul, Nathan [NEEDLESS] -worrying 30min