Lending credence


Documenting and conveying thoughts and experiences is not the core value of people. Even film or photographs, either taken or they took, cannot display or express themselves entirely. It’s the mere activity in that it doesn’t contain what they really have, think or behave. It’s all mercurial and unsubstantial. Worse than the fact, there may be a possibility of existence of hypocracy for the sake of having pride over others.

Insofar as I exprienced, the thing lending credence is not the written account or visualised images in the Blog, Minihompy, or personal website, but the behavior and soul-searching of theirs that are revealed in the actual world.

Due to this reason, I seldom credit the written or recorded traces posted on such media, especially on Cyworld. It eventually became the commercial market-place of selling personal images. Frankly speaking, WKD.net is not quite different - sadly. Probably this characteristic is the malfunction of mass-contactable media : the Internet.

Please do not trust or accept all things in WKD.

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