at the end of the year


Did you know that? * December always begins with the same day of the week as September. * December’s flower is the holly.(빨간열매달린거..for christmas embellishment) * December’s birthstone is blue topaz

Eventually we welcomed December. We got just thirty days left in 2005. What did you do in this year? Did you remember something meaningful or fraught with joy or grief? Review and recollection is good for setting the future more organised than the past was. And certainly we would sometimes regret the past times and want to go back at the certain point of time-line. The end of the year, December, is fairly opportune for such thought.

It seems irrelavant to above but anyway we also have the most jubilant day, the remeberance day of Christ who was born in the lowest rank for redeeming the poor, us despite being God himself. The month of jubilee and blitheness=December I chose to be delighted and joyous in this month.

The only one desire of 2006? THE PROFESSIONAL AND AGGRESIVE SERVANT. It’s all I want to be.

Thursday [REGULAR] -Sleeping 7hr 30min + Routine 30min + Meal 40min + Dinner in CC 1hr -Meditation 30min=Joshua -Prayer 30min -Study 7hr=Lecture 4hr, GRE 3hr -Internet 30min=Finding articles, Mailcheck, and Cyworld [IRREGULAR] -Communion in Christianity Explored 2hr=Christ’s Affliction ‘It is finished’ -Nap 40min -Preparation of Presentation 1hr