Obviously people have made a decision in every second. This fact can be adapted both in personal aspect and in public aspect.

With regard to personal aspect, I made up a mind in particular for the plan of next year. But it didn’t not still reach to the end.

PS: slight insomnia..and uneasiness.

Thursday [REGULAR] -Sleeping 6hr + Routine 30min + Meal 40min + Dinner in CC 1hr -Meditation 40min=Joshua/ -Prayer 30min -Study 8hr=Lecture 2hr, English 6hr -Reading 2hr=Vocational materials -Internet 2hr=Finding articles, Mailcheck, and Cyworld -Weight Training 30min [IRREGULAR] -Communion in Christianity Explored 2hr=King Herod’s obduracy [NEEDLESS] -Sleeplessness 1hr