Prayer for Korea



My loving country- Korea. I pray for my homeland. There is a great gulf among Koreans, from which enormous chaos is resulted. I pray for the scientist society and the citizens of korea so that they would wisely cope with crisis and resolve the splitted chasm.

May you grant unity for us. I believe that only You are able to narrow the gap down.

Thursday [REGULAR] -Sleeping 8hr + Routine 30min + Meal 40min + Dinner in CC 1hr -Meditation 40min=Joshua -Prayer 40min -Study 4hr=Lecture 1hr, Courseworks 3hr -Reading 1.5hr=Compassion, Bank materials -Internet 3hr=Finding articles, Mailcheck, and Cyworld [IRREGULAR] -Mailcheck 30min -Communion in Christianity Explored 2hr=Final meeting [NEEDLESS] -Dawdling 1hr