The Lord has always come to my enthusiasm. So was today.My cup overflows..My thankfulness overflows..How can I appreciate more?

I remember the fact that every salmon has the instinct that can trace the origin of its life. When it comes to us, we, the heralds of light are all like salmon because we are able to remember the origin of our lives which is eligible for renewing and rehabilitating our mind and strength. It’s totally because of grace, not because of our rightousness.

Imprint of our spirit should become enthusiasm towards the truth, not the false idol, such as our having, seeing, appearing, tasting, savoring. They’re entirely not the origin of life.

I and you are the heralds of light. We just trumpet and herald light of the world, with enthusiasm!

Saturday [REGULAR] -Sleeping 6hr + Routine 30min + Meal 1.5hr -Prayer 1hr -Study 2hr=Eng 2hr -Internet 2.5hr=Downloading songs, Writing ,Mailcheck and Cyworld [IRREGULAR] -Men’s Breakfast 2hr -Communion 4hr -Weight training 1hr