at the end of the year 2005


There’re several events which were quite remakable this year and they became the strong impression for me which cannot be easily forgotten.

With respect to the natural disasters, Katrina in New olreans, Asian Tsunami and enormous earthquake terrified all over the world surprisingly. We were just helpless in front of the almighty power of nature. Nonetheless, humanbeings’ pursuits to common value of humanism outweighed despair and listlessness. Global unity for the reconstruction is shown and it much enhanced the world’s welfare and public value.

But, there’re incessant wars and terrorist acts as well. We cannot forget the war on Iraq and 7th July attack of London city. There were hosts of bloody calamities for the victims’ family and their countries that were apparently harmful for the entire public value. Attackers obviously revealed humanbeing’s sinful minds and turpitude for their own interests. It’s a shame, sadly.

2005- It suggested lots of issues worthy of thinking and is passing away behind our history.

As the world searches for an antidote to the pains and fears of society, the solution is not found in world peace, celebrities or religion… but in a poor Jewish carpenter with a strange