No time


There’re bunch of tasks and things to do cover and study for now but sadly I don’t have enough time though it’s on a winter vacation. Um..I rather choose to set my mind up to put the priority on what I really have to do.

I think time management is the most vulnerable aspect for Korean students in that we procured lots of time just after entering the university for better or for worse. Our primary intention was not to work and study, instead to drink and be indulgent. The shortage of time is fundamentally based on the effect of such indulgence and no austerities for ourselves.

No time means no time to be a sluggard as I was once. I’m striving to squeeze time from thrown schedules.

Friday [REGULAR] -Sleeping 9hr + Routine 1hr + Meal 2.5hr -Meditation 40min=Joshua -Prayer 40min -Study 6hr -Internet 3hr [NEEDLESS] -Unnecessary websurfing 1hr