Aslan - the glorious resurrection



(Warning : This story may contain plot spoilers.)

The Narnia story is often viewed as a religious allegory, with Aslan the lion representing Jesus Christ. Despite this popular idea, I’m not hundred-percent certain about this because of some slight disagreements with the apparent truth displayed in the Holy Bible. However, Mr.Lewis gave us the clear opportunity of consideration about the existence of resurrection- the glorious fact regarding Christianity.

In the film, Aslan sacrifices himself in order to save the life of a human boy, or “Son of Adam”(this epithet is important!). He later rises from the dead to lead his (glorious and shining) troops in an epic battle against the White Witch’s forces. (Presumably Aslan’s resurrection should have been more emphasized.)

Yes! Winter of the Narnia is largely similar to the world groaning to be released from pain and suffering. We and they(people of the Narnia) are waiting anxiously for that day when God(or the saviour) will give us full rights as his children. (Romans 8:23) As the movie shows, the presidence of Aslan is the one and only hope for the entire land that is reigned by the White Witch. Mr.Lewis surprisingly caught the pith and marrow of a human’s groans. We cannot live without the expectation towards spring.

I was really happy to meet the great movie like this and heard with joy that it’ll fold six more films becoming one of the most exiting movies that will be talked about for many years.

How respectful Mr.Lewis was!