The Screwtape Letters



I borrowed the screwtape letters by CS lewis. I have actually read the book written in Korean, however I just wanted to read again.

‘Letters from a Senior to a Junior Devil’ That sentence is shown in the first page on the book. The senior devil, Screwtape just intended to digress the conversion of someone who was related with the junior devil.

Dichotomy-the monotone seperation into just two extreme parts- sometimes seems to be too undesirable to accept. But in many cases, dichotomy is really inevitable when it comes to reality of this evil world. There seem to be diverse options of our living style but in fact, the Scripture solely gives a way of righteousness not of transgression. Many people may confront the unavoidable choice of their way of living from two extreme parts - the way of the world or the way of the truth.

What will you choose?

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