“I don’t feel strong enough to lift my hands to You But I have tasted Your life and that’s how I know I am tired of mine It’s only You that I am longing for tonight I want You to take me from this place I want You to lift my hands up high”

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as8tguy 2006.01.26 01:51: 야 다이어리 한글로 써라. 경고한다 pil.han@gmail.com 2006.01.26 03:00: 일기(日記)[명사] 1.그날그날 겪은 일이나 감상 등을 적은 개인의 기록. ¶일기를 꼬박꼬박 쓰다. pil.han@gmail.com 2006.01.26 03:01: Are you eating well