What a friendship



I am so grateful to some of the people that God has brought into my entire life. One people in particular I’d like to mention - Paul Simpson(right). He is the student pastor of Christ Church and member of our RHUL Christian Union meeting. We’d meet each other at the Men’s breakfast and Sunday services(sometimes, in Cafe Jule’s) and just share faith and experience. The most impressive feeling from Paul is that he is really hardworking(I’ve never seen his laziness or indolence) and faithful(based on firm Truth).

I’d like to say “thank you very much” but sometimes that’s too short to express my grateful mind. The reason I’m thankful for knowing Paul at this stage in my England walk is that he always listens to me like my parents and friends. I found the hardest thing in relation among different races and nationality is just “LISTENING TO OTHERS”.

We are able to just proclaim right and will towards others. However, we are unable to hear others unless we make an effort to be willing to accept and acknowledge him or her.

Yes, today’s men’s full breakfast was really good, but I’ve just hoped to express the morning thought.

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pil.han@gmail.com 2006.01.29 08:41: The speaker(left) was Tom Chacko.