Boys be ambitious.


One thing that I am really feeling about is that great purpose-driven person never fails.

Yes, I know- there’re lots of seeming fails and downfalls but what I mean is that a chance will be given to those who seek and pursue the great thing.

Fails and downfalls cannot ever make me down.

고교졸업앨범 속의 한 문장을 기억하며. Boys be ambitious.

“어두운 암흑 속을 질주하는 소년들이여 방향을 잃어버린 그 핸들을 부셔버려라 네 손에 쥐어진 좌절의 술잔을 깨어 부셔라 너의 현실을 직시하여라”

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June 2006.03.07 07:12: In fact, I heard that there’s one more word after ambitious. “Boys be ambitious in Christ 2006.03.07 16:12: I’ve not heard