Had I chosen to enter another, it might have been a totally different life style, but there’s no regret absolutely because it is God who lead my life and time.

There might remain a question since I’ve been committed to ‘it’ and fragile human-being always conceived what he or she had chosen.

Nonetheless, He always grants us the speculative answer regardless of what we’ve decided because He is generous and has great knowledge toward me.

댓글 하나 달렸습니다. 2006.03.14 08:19: 그의 생각 셀 수 없고, 그의 자비 무궁하며, 그의 성실 날마다 새롭고, 그의 사랑 끝이 없단다. 그의 사랑 끝이 없단다. 그의 사랑 끝이, 없단다.