What advantages lies on using XP on MAC????


Sometimes people get serious because of the trivial fact around computing world but I think this is really revolutionary.

Boot Camp, a new utility released by Apple, makes it easy for anybody to install Windows XP on to a new Mac.

What advantages lies on using XP on Mac? Does that question sound rubbish? Surely, I may not notice a full view of Apple’s decision, but Apple’s threat is really serious at this time. MS might lose its leading on a personal computer market. (Within FIFTY years??? which is enormous time in computer world.) This is actually quite good for web developers and web surfers alike because many developers can test performace and stability of their works- and eventually surfers can be given more stable websites which passed the test on Mac.

As you see, choosing installation of XP on Mac platform should take a serious diminution of harddisk space

This is what the users should take for using a new sort of operating system.

What will you choose if you can afford both of them??? (You can probably buy two PCs with the same price for just one Mac) Me?? DUNNO yet