Easter Evening


John Piper said, " Like every historical fact, the resurrection of Jesus can be doubted. But when God takes in hand the reliability of the witnesses, the courage of their preaching, the futility of the opposition, the effects of the Gospel, the coherence of the message, the all-embracing sufficiency of the Christian world-view, and the spiritual glory of Jesus Christ - when God takes all this and more in hand, he is able to open the mind of the most resistant skeptic.” - from Seeing and savouring Jesus Christ

Only he is able to open the sceptic mind of ours by means of all these great methods. Because there’s no existence who can do so and convince people. he deserves all the praises and adoration. Peter said, “It was not possible for him to be held by [death’s power].”

We spend our time to do something by pursuing meaning. But all that I can is to choose to follow him. I give him my heart and life to hear “well-done, my faithful servant”.