Lord reign in me.


Over every though, Over every word, May my life reflect the beauty of my Lord;

This verse is true. What I need is not just a thought or word, but a life reflecting the greatness and reign of the Lord.

I’ve heard many times that ‘you always say, but not act’ What a shame! This is the most serious indication of what Christian can be pointed out.

Thus I need his grace which will inherit broad change of my life in accordance with His words.

This is ‘my only one request’. ‘Won’t You reign in me again?’

Lord Reign In Me - Jami Smith (vertical music)

Over all the earth You reign on high Every mountain stream every sunset sky But my one request Lord my only aim Is that You’d reign in me again

Lord reign in me Reign in Your power Over all my dreams In my darkest hour You are the Lord of all I am So won’t You reign in me again

Over every thought over every word May my life reflect the beauty of my Lord You mean more to me than any earthly thing So won’t You reign in me again

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