about to exam


Yes, it’s really about to take exams. I’ve got only 2 days before first one, but the fact that I should’ve noticed earlier that there’re so many things to do makes me really embarrassed (because I rarely thought I’m gonna take this seriously. It was far from me at the moment) and anxious.

looks a bit disgusting, isn’t it?

But it’s alright. Truly.

I found that the data of embedded systems is not SO difficult. At least, I’m not being daunted by its UNFATHOMABLE broadness.

하…하…하 T_T

Intel 8051, PIC microprocessor, Texas Instrument TMS320 너희들 알기를 내 몸 알기와 같이 할 지니. 너희는 무척이나 부끄러워질 것이다.