2nd- People of the Lord


I watched a movie called ‘people of the Lord-John Hus’ which is the 2nd movie recently I saw(previous one was about William Tyndale). This movie was about John Hus- a Czech religious thinker and reformer. I’ve heard so many times about Mr.Hus but to be honest, I’m not quite interested in his story because I thought he might be just one of great thinkers or theologians. But the fact was utterly amazing.

It was so impressive with respect to several points - his driving force towards the truth, his will in doing His will, and his confidence in what he had done and thought. That someone has been repetedly asked to abandon faith or belief only because of his/her difference from what is regarded as normal is hardly found today. Nevertheless, at the time of John Hus, there was still severe threat to those who say another thing from what is ‘so-called’ normal or conventional.

I’m certain that only by God’s mercy, he could remain glorious one who didn’t compromise the unrighteousness and disrespectfulness and only by God’s grace, he could remain faithful one who tolerated a bunch of mockery and scorn.

I cannot help saying to myself " follow great ancestors and be like them. "