I don’t know how to express present feeling but the certain thing is that I’m quite unaware of the power and might of corporate prayers. Today we prayed to God for the tomorrow’s exam which will be my 2nd one and Tsungai’s final one. I had thought we are quite close but I’ve become much sure that true spiritual intimacy with Christians one another can be achieved solely by corporate prayers toward each other.

I was amazed because they prayed for me as if they have the same difficulties in working and worry in what they should cope with(at this moment, definitely with exams). But the truth lies on the fact that he commands we be not worried about anything and scared by anyone, RATHER- just offer ourselves as a living sacrifice to him and rejoice within what He has done and given… (Let me be tranquil…O Lord)

I have no idea why I relied on myself in confronting the previous exam- which was horrible unexpectedly. I am feeling much regret that I’ve not prayed for the other friends as many times as possible. This is not my own struggle and I have a lot of friends who are praying for me. The fact makes me really encouraged and relieved.

On the way home, I talked with Jackie about our exam. Jackie also has a exam tomorrow, but oddly Jackie looks like really okay and he said I’d like to live as a 365-day Christian. This is what I also desire, so that…

I just humble myself. I humble myself on my knee. " God, please fulfill your purpose towards me. Not my plan.”

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June 2006.05.12 23:35: I prayed for you the whole day! It will be alright~ 2006.05.13 07:27: You’re the only person who interacts with this lone diary. Hahaha ^_^ Thank you so much for having written your message which is always bright and encouraging.. June 2006.05.14 23:44: I told you I like your diary kk