Home again.


I’ve seen many things recently and learned several points about life out of on-going issues around me. The certain thing is that we are (surely!) being transformed through His guidance and even His punishment. Altough the unwilling punishment, hardship or burden of our life seem to be threatening or intimidating, there should be a certain aspect of THE purpose of God given in the very way. In particular for me, I’ve suffered from the emotion controlling for a couple of weeks caused by the SEEMINGLY unpleasant events and phenomena but I realised God does affect my internal self and change every situation including related people around and peculiar circumstances around!

The bent of contemporary humanbeings is somewhat pessimism-oriented based on atheism. People so easily stumble due to the unknown or uncertain reason, even those who assert themselves as a Christan, and compared to the early church, we’re gone so astray..

개강 첫주. 한 주간 정말 열심히 살았다. 시간에 정직하려 했고, 공간에 충실하려 했으며, 관계에 진실하고자 했다. 그 귀결과 상관없이, 동기와 과정 자체로 굉장한 희열과 보람을 품게 되는데 이 벅차오르는 감정의 근원을 곰곰히 생각해본다.

그것은 결코 내 스스로의 義에 대한 만족에 의한 것이 아니라, 오직 은혜- 오직 사랑- 에 의한 것이리라.

우리가 무언가 성취해냈다고 생각하며 자기만족과 자기위안에 빠져드는 순간 적은 무시무시한 매복 작전을 펼치게 되는데, 이때가 바로 무너짐의 시작일 것이다.