Recent few days


came back home after a long while!

It has been little bit hectic life because of lots of social & varsity events.

  1. Farewell to Hoichang

  2. his smiling face

  3. JSA again

  4. Figure, bitter laugh

  5. escalator, Seoul underground

  6. in the Bubble, a pub near KU

  7. EGI, 6th recruiting as an interviewer

  8. Comrades of EGI

  9. Comrades of the 2nd KU-RHUL programme - business school guys

  10. in front of the main building

  11. Jimmy (a.k.a Gun) in Hana Square

  12. Jenny, Jinhee, and PIL in Sand Presso, HAS

  13. Jinhee, playing Yamaha’s grand piano, in Lounge G, HAS

  14. Two ladies and a gent.

  15. Esjay in a car

  16. Seoul, cloudy

  17. Yonsei Uni

  18. B & R

  19. Esjay

  20. PIL

  21. YT, short for Young Tigers, cheerleaders of the uni.

  22. Red side

  23. Line up

  24. cheering

  25. Centenial building, in the night

  26. EGI, Saturday session in Star Factory, Sunreong

  27. cheering again