super hectic October


It’s incredible. I’ve not realized that the very last semeter is such a horrible time for the finalist.

-Worries about the tests, exams, courseworks, reports, and etc. -Uncertainty of the future after the graduation -Gaining weights (ABDOMEN! >_<) and losing chances to work out -Slight frustration -Homesick(?) - caused by memories of England and a homemade pizza

Arghh…………………………….. Many things come to me as stressful factors but it’s alright because I have the great, awesome hope!!

오늘 생활관의 아침은 우거지국이었다. 박정현이 부른 Crying inside를 듣는데 가슴깊은 곳에서 감동. 우거지국이 목에서부터 막혔다.

" I know you are struggling to keep in sight, I’ll be here besides you Don’t give up the fight! If you are crying inside, let me cry with you and if you are dying inside, remember Christ died for you "

It’s going to be seriously alright. 힘내 필.