The 15th Asian Games is being held in Doha, Qatar. I heard Doha will be the first city in its region and only the second in West Asia since Tehran in 1974 to host the games.

According to Operation World, the book that gives us hosts of information about evangelism to the world, THERE WERE NO QATARI BELIEVERS before 1985, but SEVERAL HAVE COME TO THE LORD OUTSIDE THE COUNTRY. (there’re approximately 120,000 Qatari in the country.) Why did I not pay attention to this futile land and not pray for them? Quite surprisingly, this abrupt news of ASIAD infromed me need of praying for Qatari. One thing for sure. I, a Christian, am not created for indulging myself in sports or advertisement of fabulous events around Doha- Now is the time to look beyond.

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