서운해 할 어떤 가치도 없는, 서운해 할 어떤 이유도 없는, 서운해 할 어떤 정당성도 없는,

내가 서운한 마음이 든다. 2.

Situation hardly complicates me but when it comes to the tremendous burden regarding the long period of good-bye, I’ve found out complicated feeling (that I’m feeling) is not something too odd.

I cannot deny the fact ' No pain, no gain ' or ' No cross, no crown ' , everlasting declarations to all humanbeings and I also concede there’re so many ups and downs in our life, however it seems quite true for all of us to feel strong desire to shirk the present hardship(literally pain or downs) in order to be happier. Nevertheless, I’ve seen so many examples and heard enough instances that this happiness will be eventually turned out to be destructive or unhealthy happiness.

Well, it is actually great pleasure to pursue what I’ve never experienced and have felt. Even in terms of pain, we need to see it as a blessing by simply changing our attitude towards godly mind- and fixing it.

Conclusion seems to be utterly apparent, but am I ready to accept this?

댓글 하나 달렸습니다. 2007.01.28 00:29: Go for it, Pil. You’ve done well.