“We are not to create our own identity, but are called rather to receive a new identity in Christ. We are not to construct our own image, but rather to cooperate with God in his great work of restoring us to his image.”

“Perhaps I do not reflect the current ideal the world says I should conform to. I am too fat or too thin; my nose is too long or too stubby; I am too tall or too short. So what! What matters is that I reflect God.”

by Vaughan Roberts in his book, “Battles Christians face”

그를 닮아가는데에 세상의 이미지가 날 잠식하지 않았으면 좋겠다. 너무 많은 것에 주님으로 부터 인정받은 나의 존엄한 지위가 깎여 내려가고 있다.

지독한 외로움과 시험에 대한 거대한 압박속에서 외치리라. 방바닥에서 아침으로 시리얼과 우유를 먹으면서도 난 외치리라. “I’m created in God’s image.”