Precision Medicine & Clinical Pharmacology


2016 KSCPT


Opening Remark

First Session

13:20~14:00 Precision Medicine: A Clinical Pharmacological Perspective

14:00~14:30 The role of pharmacogenomics in drug development, regulatory review and clinical practice

My Question

14:30~15:00 The Liver-Gut Microbiota Axis Modulates Inter-Individual Variability in Xenobiotic Disposition and Toxicology

Second Session

15:20~15:50 The role of stem cells in discovery and validation of pharmacogenomic markers

Questions - neurite outgrowth

15:50~16:20 Pharmacogenomics and Epigenomics

My Quesion

16:20~16:50 Emerging roles of human CYP1B1 in cancer growth and metastasis

1B1에 의해 대사되는 irinotecan - 알수가 없다. Tumor 조직을 갖고 enzyme activity 측정전에. active metabolism 2D6는 steroid

16:50~17:20 omics for precision Medicine : Clinical Implementation in oncology

17:20~17:30 인정의 자격증 수여식 Ji-Young Park (KSCPT)

17:30 Closing Remark Jae-Gook Shin (Chairman of KSCPT)