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T oxicological Science]( Archives of Toxicology]( Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology]( Toxicology]( Toxicology Letters]( Food and Chemical Toxicology]( Toxicologic Pathology]( Journal of Applied Toxicology]( Experimental and Toxicologic Pathology]( Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology]( International Journal of Toxicology](

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Food and Drug Administration (FDA)](

FDA - Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER)](

FDA - Center for Biologics Evaluation and Reasearch (CBER) ](

FDA adverse events database](

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)](

International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH)](

European Medicines Agency (EMA)](

World Health Organization](

WHO Collaborating Centre for International Drug Monitoring](

Commission on Human Medicines (CHM)](

Food and Drug Law Institute](

Natinal Institute of Health (NIH)](

National Toxicology Program (NTP)](

US Department of agriculture (USDA)](

수탁시험기관 (CRO)

Absorption system (San Diego, USA)](

Accelera (Rome, Italy)](

ADVINUS (Bangalore, India)](

AGILUX (Worcester, England)](

Aptuit (UK and USA)](

Aurigon-Toxicoop Research (Germany)](

Austrian Institute of Technology (Seibersdorf, Austria)](

BASI (West Lafayette, USA)](

BioAgri (Los Angeles, USA)](

Bioduro (Beijing, China)](

Bioensaios (Rua Palermo, Brazil)](

BioMed PreClinical Solutions (Tel-Aviv, Israel)](

Bioneeds India (Karnataka, India)](

Biotoxtech (Chungju, Korea)](

Bio-Quant (San Diego, USA)](

BioReliance (USA, UK, Japan, China and Korea south)](

BioScience Lab-oratories (Bozeman, USA)](

BioTest (Czech Republic)](

BioToxSciences (San Diego, USA)](

Biological Test Center (Irvine, USA)](

Califer Life (Hopkinton, USA)](

Calvert (Olyphant, USA)](

Care Research, LLC (Ft. Collins, USA)](

CBSET (Lexington, USA)](

CeeTox Inc. (Kalamazoo, USA)](

CEDRA (Austin, USA)](

Center for Drug Safety Evaluation & Research (Shanghai, China)](

Central Toxicology Labs. (Alderley Park, UK)](

Cerep (Redmonf, USA)](

Chantest (Cleveland, USA)](

Charles River (Reno, USA)](

Chemon (Suwon, Korea)](

Cirion (Canada)](

CI Tox Lax (Cedex, France)](

Clintox (Hyderabad, India)](

Commonwealth Biotechnologies Inc. (Richmond, USA)](

Comparative Biosciences (Sunnyvale, USA)](

CorDynamics (Chicago, USA)](

Covance (Madison, USA)](

CPTC (Fairfield,USA)](

CXR Biosciences (Dundee, UK)](

Cyprotex (Kalamazoo, USA)](

Dermtech (San Diego, USA)](

Drik (Oklahoma, USA)](

ENVIGO (USA, Israel, Switzerland, Germany and UK)](

Estendart Limited (Palmerston, New Zealand)](

Eurofins (Dayton, USA)](

Evans Labs (UK and USA)](

Gentronix (Alderley Edge, UK)](

Gibraltar Laboratories Inc. (Fairfield, UK)](

GLP CompliantLaboratory, Jubilant Biosys Ltd (Karnataka, India)](

Gwathmey (Cambridge, USA)](

Hammer Institute (RTP, USA)](

HemoGenix (Colorado Springs, USA)](

Hurley Consulting Associates Ltd (Chatham, USA)](

Ibex (Logan, USA)](

ICP Firefly (Sydney, Australia)](

IIBAT (Padappai, India)](


Int. Nonclinical Assassment (INA) (Naganoken, Japan)](

Innostar Bio-Tech (Shanghai, China)](

Industrial Toxicaology Research Center (ITRC) (Lucknow, India)](

Intox Private Limited, Pune (Maharashtra, India)](

Irvine Pharmaceutical Services (Irvine, USA)](

International Institute of Biotechnology and Toxicology (IIBAT) (Tamil Nadu, India)](

IPS Therapeutic (Sherbrooke, Canada)](

ITL Labs Ltd (Delhi, India)](

ITR (Montreal, Cananda)](

ITRI (Albuquerque, USA)](

Jai Research Foundation International (USA and China)](

Korea Institute of Toxicology (Daejeon, Korea)](

Korea Testing & Research Institute (Hwasun, Korea)](

Krish Biotech Research Pvt Ltd (West Bengal, India)](

Laboratory Animal Research Services(LARS), Reliance Life Sciences Private Ltd (Maharashtra, India)](

Litron Labolatories (Rochester, USA)](

LPT (Hamburg, USA)](

Primetrics (Singapore)](

MB Research (Spinnerstown, USA)](

Medicilon/MPI (Shanghai, China)](

Micro Test (Agawam, USA)](

MPI (Mattawan, USA)](

MWRI (Kansas City, USA)](

Nia Life Scienxed Inc. (Libertyville,USA)](

NAMSA (Toledo, USA)](

NCDSER (Shanghai, China)](

Nelson Labs (Salt Lake City, USA)](

Northern Biomedical Research (Muskegon, USA)](

Northview SGS (Northbrook, USA)](

Nucro0Technics (Scarborough, Canada)](

Pacific Biosciences Pvt Ltd (Telangana, India)](

Pathology Experts (Switzerland and USA)](

PharmaAdvance Inc. (Jiangyin, China)](

Pharmaron(Beijing, China)](

Pharmaseed Pre-Clinical CRE (Ness Ziona, Israel)](

Porsolt & Partners (Boulogne-Billancourt, France)](

Powered Research (Research Triangle Park, USA)](

Prelabs (Oak Park, USA)](

Product Safety Labs (Dayton, USA)](

QPS (Newark, USA)](

Rallis Research Center (Bangalore, India)](

Ricerca (Concord, USA)](

RTC S.p.A. (Roma, Italy)](

Sa-Ford (Maharashtra, India)](

SCANTOX (Skensved, Denmark)](

Sequani Limited (Ledbury, UK)](

SGS Life Sciences Division (Fairfield, USA)](

Sinclair (maine, USA)](

Smooth Drug Development (St.Petersburg, Russia)](

SNBL (Tokyo, Japan)](

SNBL USA Ltd (Everett, USA)](

Southern Research (Birmingham, USA)](

SoBran (Baltimore, USA)](

SP1-Bio Bertin Pharma (Montigny le Bretonneux, France)](

Spring Valley Lab. (Woodbine, USA)](

Stillmeadow Inc. (Sugarland, USA)](


Tandem Labs (West Trenton, USA)](

TECAM Tecnologia Ambiental Ltda. (Sao Paulo, Brazil)](

Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Gujarat, India)](

Toxicology Research Labs (Chicago, USA)](

Toxi-Coop (Dunakeszi, Hungary)](

TOXICON corp. (Bedford, USA)](

Vanta Bio-sciences (Belgium and Czechoslovakia)](

Vimta Labs Ltd (Hyderabad, India)](

Vivo Bio-tech Ltd (Telangana, India)](

vivoPharm Pty Ltd (Bundoora, Austrailia)](

WestChina-Frontier Pharma Tech (Sichuan, China)](

제약산업 정보포탈

제약산업 정보포탈 (Pharma Korea) - 한국보건산업진흥원](

한국제약협회 (PPMA)](


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